Tonight I will dream of going to sea ... John Paul Kirkham


John Paul Kirkham - Poet, Writer and Photographer lives in the City of Liverpool and you now have access to my books and a selection of pictures. Some books are available free and others are available to buy from my publishers. So flick through the pages and enjoy

Still dreaming of going to sea ....... John Paul Kirkham


A dense fog at dawn

folds slowly across the town 

Monochrome figures like bare branches 

bend in the breeze 

stooped and worn yet young




Next year 2021 all my past and any new books will be available free of charge and to this end I am in negotiations with my present publishers to reasign the reversion of total and exclusive copyright back to myself. This is a lengthy process which legally takes six months after a given notice to reclaim such rights but we will get there. All of my books are currently being completely revised one by one with the addition of new covers designed, painted and created by the celebrated UK artist Jan Kalinski with some books featuring photographs for the first time. Check out the "Writers" page for details of these new books when they are published.

The "Photographic" section during October / November 2020 is being updated with 100 plus new images. This is an ambitious and extensive project and these photographs will be added to the original monochrome gallery of exhibition prints.

The month of November always has a saddening edge as we remember the fallen dead of war and conflict. In 2012 I left the city with my partner to spend three years writing in the wilderness of the Norfolk Fenlands with its remote atmospheric flat lands and endless uninterupted skyscapes. Eventually the calm and quiet serenity itself became too silent and it was time to return to Liverpool. This poem was inspired by the true poppylands of Norfolk and the remote coastal elegiac resting places of the fallen. A collection of my war (and anti war) poetry complete with their accompanying notes and stories is being curated and prepared for publication in 2021.




Above what lies beneath the far country fields 

a plume of ash rises to noble empyrean heights

as the final pounding and screaming fades into the contrite violet twilight sky


Fresh frozen ground thaws each early spring and the ploughs furrowing

divulges a trenches secrets locked away for a century or more

preserved in deathly silence a shattered shuttered shelter


Without family or mourners

the forlorn fallen finally returns from Flanders

by train and cortege and the Union Flag

to the loneliest headland North Norfolk Church and a cliff top grave

carried on a rickety cart down the crunchy gravel path, home at last

watched in silence by eleven local school children who have only ever known peace


The corporal corpse is lowered to rest again under sodden earth

the wild sanguine poppies bend in a bitter easterly wailing wind

in remembrance to the end of time