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Tonight I will dream of going to sea. John Paul Kirkham

John Paul Kirkham - Poet, Writer and Photographer lives in the City of Liverpool and you now have access to my books and a selection of pictures.

Some books are available for free and others are available from my publishers.

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Still dreaming of going to sea. John Paul Kirkham


A dense fog at dawn

folds slowly across the town 

Monochrome figures like bare branches 

bend in the breeze 

stooped and worn yet young




  Reviews for the Anthology of Poetry Book In Violet


There are gems here - Poetry Space


These poems are beautiful and the collection has the intriguing quality of an autobiographical set of poems. In particular, I love the fact that the poems evoke a sense of place and yet the places written about are so disparate and conflicting, e.g contrasting 'Summer in Suffolk' with the poems about the war-torn East. There's a sense of yearning in the poems that refer to the past, e.g. 'Bury'. I also love the simplicity of a short poem such as 'Absent from a Friend's Wedding'.       

Catherine Chapman – Smashwords


The poetry is like a gentle breeze that caresses the face and tousles the hair slightly. Sometimes, the words create a storm of emotions so intense, that the reader will be forced to sit up and read again and again and again.

5 Stars -  A.G Chaudhuri  - Shining Dawn


I am once again struck by the child-like wonder in them … refreshing … endearing … many of them are ravishingly beautiful in their simplicity and accuracy.

David Price - A Master Class


                   This is a beautiful anthology - Jessica Jade Burton - The Library of Living